Regenerative Pathways Resource Library

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Regenerative Pathways Resource Library

Minou Schillings
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Many people want to build a better future, create better businesses and take action on regeneration.

But they don't

Because of three reasons

  1. They are overwhelmed by uncertainty
  2. They think they are facing the challenge alone
  3. They don't know where to get started

The consequence?

Intrinsically driven people, with valuable ideas and tremendous energy stick to "business as usual". This is a loss for the earth, for humanity and for businesses.

To minimize this loss I created The Regenerative Pathways Library.

How will this help me?

The Regenerative Pathways Resource Library helps you to explore the transformation to a regenerative, just and resilient future at your own pace.

Everyone who ever entered a new industry, or position knows how long it can take to wrap their head around things. You often spend a lot of time getting site tracked or just completely unaware of the "must-reads" and "must-do's".

This Library will help you to navigate the regenerative business space and accelerate your (un)learning curve.

What can I use the Library For?

The Library helps you to explore the many pathways towards a regenerative future. The library is divided into five main themes

  1. Inner Development
  2. Organization Culture & Leadership
  3. Business Development
  4. Impact Measurement
  5. Inspiration & Context

What is regeneration?

"An organization or being that gives back more than it takes through everything it does; this goes beyond circular and sustainable and provides additional value back to nature and society. It’s a system that is designed to create ecological value over time." Leyla Acaroglu

Who is this for?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of information, resources, frameworks and tools in the sustainability and regeneration space. And needs some help structuring and navigating this huge wave of resources

Important note

This Library serves as an exploration tool helping you to find the resources that you need right now on your regenerative journey. It does not contain direct access to all the listed resources. None of the link in this library or affiliate links.

If you found a book you like make sure you first check your local library, second-hand store, audiobook app or your friend's bookshelf before you purchase a new edition.

I want this!

Life-long access to the constantly evolving and expanding Regenerative Pathways Resource Library.

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